Stephen Gammell


Anonymous asked: Why do you find it so laughable that someone might think your inspiring?

I am a socially awkward, acne-covered, prematurely balding overweight janitor. My talents are few and far between. I haven’t accomplished anything truly laudable. I don’t even have a college degree, while some of my old classmates already have their Master’s.
My friends are solely internet-based, I typically only leave the homestead for work or to shop. No social gatherings, no eating out, no recreation. Lifeless, directionless, companionless.
No big hardships to work against either. Just a schmuck living his schmucky life.

This isn’t self-hate, just a cold, objective observation. Put aside my friendships/associations with people “of worth”, and you’re left with just some schlubby guy that you wouldn’t make any note of if you passed on the street.

Anyone who would be inspired by THAT should probably get their head examined. Putting gold paint on a toilet plunger won’t make it classy.

Sooooo yeah. Tell me that I inspire you, and I will laugh in your face.


Anonymous asked: Hidden in the dashboard, the unseen mechanized eye

I sold my car off for scrap almost exactly four years ago. Been on foot since. 8)


Anonymous asked: Your anaconda don't?

Queenie pls


Anonymous asked: MY ANACONDA DON'T!!!!!

I swear, the dumber the song, the more popular it gets.

I talk about Tom Waits and half the time I’ll get a glassy-eyed stare, but rattle off a lyric from a song where people shake their asses for four minutes and you can get a crowd from all walks of life to sing along.



lunast asked: How big was Izik's dingledonger?~

I’m gonna hurt you.


colbengton asked: Are the animatronics chasing you yet?

I am NOT playing that fucking game, man. I have a serious problem with jumpscares, and FNAF really nailed that tense-ass atmosphere as well. I don’t have the healthiest heart, either.

I had trouble even watching LPs of it.

Fucking amazing game, but I’m not inflicting that on myself.

Work Tonight

Drown me in Asks. Anon or otherwise. I’ll answer them as the night wears on.


Don’t be inspired by me.

Or at least don’t say so.

Because I will laugh in your face.